We devote the time and attention which each individual client deserves.
   With over 30 years of combined criminal defense litigation experience, Matthew Dalton and Marvin Lew are experts at helping their clients make the best choices at the right times. We understand that being arrested for, or charged with a crime can be intimidating, frustrating, and humiliating. We possess the skills, creativity, and experience necessary to proactively engage the legal system. We represent our clients with dignity and compassion — but most importantly, we will tenaciously fight for your rights.

   Whether you are facing a misdemeanor driving under the influence charge, a serious felony such as a homicide, or anything in-between, we know that the outcome matters to you. We give every case and every client the attention to detail they deserve.

   Mr. Dalton and Mr. Lew represent people anywhere in the greater Bay Area who are either under investigation by the authorities, or who have already been charged with a crime. It's never too early in the process to get aggressive, knowledgeable attorneys working on your side. No matter how "minor" or how serious the charges, a criminal accusation can have a lasting effect on your job, your reputation, and your freedom. Whether you want to fight your case all the way to the Supreme Court, or discreetly settle your case on the most favorable terms, we have the legal skills and confidence necessary to help you obtain the best possible result.
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